The Top 4 Places Where Germs Hide in Your Home

Germs are everywhere in our home but thankfully, 99 percent of them aren’t harmful. The rest of them are, of course, harmful and can induce things from a normal cold to dangerous infections. We all know the common places where germs are found in our homes and try to keep them as clean as possible but we are oblivious to the fact that they can lurk around even in the places that we can’t imagine. Here are the top places where germs are hidden and how you can take care of them.


We all use our toothbrushes, rinse them off and then put them away. Keep in mind that germs like to grow on damp places and we leave our toothbrushes wet. We also have our toilet close to where we put our toothbrushes. When we flush the toilet, it sprays germs into the atmosphere and after that, they land on surfaces, including your toothbrush. To get rid of germs on your toothbrush, make sure that you put it somewhere where it can dry after you use it and also close the lid of your toilet before you use the flush.

Keyboard of Your Computer

If you are addicted to computers, like to surf the internet or play games on it for the whole day without washing your hands, then your keyboard can turn to be a nightmare for you. A study found that 4 out of 33 keyboards from average people had a lot of germs to pose dangerous health risks. To keep your keyboard clean, make sure that you don’t eat on your computer table. Wash your hands before and after using your computer and also after doing anything that will transfer germs to your hands.

Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Kitchen Sink and FaucetYou might think that the kitchen sink gets clean itself because of all the soap and water running through it. But that’s not the case at all; the kitchen sink is an ideal place for germs to reside. To take care of the germs hiding in there, wash it with a solution of vinegar and bleach every day. Remember to clean the drain too, by removing it. The kitchen faucet is also worth a mention here because we touch it with dirty hands and the water that runs through it keep the screen of the faucet moist. At Faucet Assistant we found a touchless faucet, but you should still wash the faucet and also remove and wash the screen with a bleach solution every week.


We all use our cellphones every day and sometimes we even take them to bathrooms with us. Research found that cellphones carry tons of germs because we are careless and use them just about anywhere. We also don’t clean our cellphones and they are mostly in contact with us. This makes them a hidden place for germs. To take care of the hidden germs present in your cellphone, you should clean them with a disinfecting wipe once every week and shouldn’t take them to places where germs are more likely to be found.

The Positive and Negative Effects of High Humidity

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, and in your home there is always a level of moisture in the air. Depending on the season and circulation in your home, you could be having a high amount of moisture without even knowing it. You may have felt stifled by the air at some point. You could also have felt heaviness in the air such that you felt you could right about float, and that was not a good floating feeling. More likely than not, the heaviness and muskiness was caused by excessive moisture in the air.

Causes of Indoor Moisture

Interestingly enough to understand the cause of moisture in your home, you only have to look at yourself and your family. Home occupants, in their day to day lives release moisture into the air; that accounts for up to three gallons of moisture per day for a family of four. Now apart from this source of moisture, the other culprit kind enough to deliver moisture into your home is diffusion. Though it accounts for about two percent of the total moisture content, it is still a contributor.

Diffusion is the facilitator that brings moisture form areas of greater concentration (like the basement) into areas of lesser concentration (like the attic). Convection accounts for the greatest transporter of moisture in your home. Through the action of movement of air from one pressure point to a different pressure point, convection moves moisture from the depths of the house into its heights. Without a proper vapour barrier inserted on top of its foundation, a house can let in high volumes of moisture in any given season. Greater concentrations of humidity are of course had during the warmer seasons. Talk about a stifling time!

Effects of Excessive Humidity

Reduce Basement HumidityYou can now probably pinpoint when you felt humidity’s power surrounding you and it was not a pleasant experience. Excessive humidity tends to take a toll on the body as it prevents it from cooling down efficiently. This can lead to a number of complications including heat strokes. Difficulty in breathing, nausea allergic reactions and asthma are but some of the choice ways excessive humidity will affect your body. This is of course different for every individual.

Moisture in the air will also have the adverse effect of supplying food to mold spores which can then begin to grow in selective locations. Mold is a dangerous thing to have indoors as it can make people seriously sick. High humidity will at some points in the house condense, leaving wet patches that can work as feeding grounds for the mold spores. The excessive moisture also has the ill effect of affecting the structural integrity of your home. It can cause rotting to occur in the foundation, cause paint to peel off the walls as well as warp different parts of your wooden parts.

The wise thing to do in this case is to minimize the humidity and find a way to collect this moisture. You can do this as well as create a stable humid environment through the use of a dehumidifier. It will help you get rid of the moisture through a drain or collected in a container, leaving your environment safe for habitation. Keeping a humid safe environment is not only more comfortable but safe as well for both you and your house.

The Two Kitchen Appliances for a Welcoming Home Environment

Guests are considered to be a blessing from God, and you need to do everything possible in your reach to make them happy and satisfied. You need to treat them with drinks, delights and give them company so they enjoy a good time with you and remember your hospitality for times to come. Making your guests happy can be a daunting task, but with the following kitchen appliances in your home, you can make any guest happy and with lesser time, so that you can sit with them and have a blast.

• Espresso Machine
Espresso MachineKeeping an espresso machine in your kitchen is always a good idea, especially if you and your family members are fond of different coffee drinks. You can serve your family members as well as your guests by presenting them with a delightful variety of coffee creations made at home by using an espresso machine. Your guests will surely be pleased by the home made coffee. Rather than making daily runs to the neighbourhood Starbucks, purchasing fully automated espresso makers can turn out to be a wise investment, as you will no doubt have years of enjoyment.

• Juicer Machine
Another cool kitchen appliance that must be present in your kitchen is a juicer machine, as you can easily start your day with a glass of fresh vegetable or fruit juice. By drinking fresh juices coming out from your juicer machine, you can make sure you and your family enjoys good health. Serving your guests with fresh juice also reflects how much you care about them and their health. Instead of going out and buying those canned juices from the market, which contain artificial colours and other additives, it is always a good idea to serve your guests with fresh juice coming right from fresh vegetables or fruits or a mix of both. It does not take a lot of time to prepare huge quantities of fresh juice in case you are planning to throw a party or you have several surprise guests. When you compare the cost, it is much cheaper to go for the freshly extracted juice at home rather than purchasing canned juices. Not to mentions there is simply no alternate to the fresh juice made with a juice machine in your home as far as the nutritional value is concerned.